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Our Patient Portal site is located here.

How to Register

Provide your email address to one of our staff members so you can be given access to the Patient Portal. You will receive an email containing a link to register. Click on the link and follow the instructions. Enter the supplied Username and Password. You will be prompted to create a new Password. You will then have to enter information to verify your identity.


Frequently asked questions about our Patient Portal:

What is a Patient Portal?

A Patient Portal is a secure online website that gives you convenient 24-hour access to your personal health information and medical records—from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Why Should I Use a Patient Portal?

Accessing your personal medical records through a Patient Portal can help you to be more actively involved in your own health care. Accessing your family members’ health information can help you take care of them more easily.

Also, patient portals offer self-service options that can eliminate phone tag with your doctor and might even save a trip to the doctor’s office.

Is My Information Safe?

Yes. Patient portals have privacy and security safeguards in place to protect your health information.

Always remember to protect your Username and Password from others and make sure to only log on to the Patient Portal from a personal or secure computer.

Can My Family Access My Patient Portal?

You may choose to give family members or healthcare proxies access to your Patient Portal. They will have their own login once you set this up in your Portal.


What Do I Do If…

I Don’t Receive a Registration Email?

The email may take a few minutes to deliver.  You may also check your junk mail or spam folders to see if the email was routed there by mistake. If necessary, you can call the office to resend the registration e-mail.

I Forgot My Password or Username?

Click on the link that says, “Forgot Password” or “Forgot Username” and follow the additional instructions. If you still need help, contact the office to reset your account.

I Have an Urgent Issue or Emergency?

DO NOT use the Patient Portal.  If you are experiencing an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.